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Where did you get your company name?
Last updated: 6/22/02

If you look in a big, fat dictionary you will find that dux is a Latin word which means "The Leader."

When I was searching for a name for the company I was looking for a three letter word to fit the one inch square label on our computers. I barrowed "Dux" from the motto of the second U.S. Navy ship I served on: U.S.S. Gearing (DD-710). Gearing was the leader of the Gearing class of destroyers. But, we had already named our dog Dux, so we really named our business after our hound. We intentionally mispronounced the name to "Ducks." You can imagine what people must have thought when our dog ran away and we went running around the neighborhood yelling, "here Dux, here Ducks..." A new customer may chuckle when first hearing the way we pronounce Dux on the phone, but they do not forget the name.

Also, the English word Duke (the correct pronunciation of the Latin word, Dux, sounds like Dukes) is derived from Dux and means essentially the same thing. Notoriously, Bonito Mussolini's assumed name, Duce, is an Italian word derived from Dux. That was a major consideration in selecting the name for our business. We were somewhat worried that customers might associate the two in a negative way, but they haven't in 15 years.

There are other Dux's. There is a Dux bed company in Sweden and Dux Software in Texas. There is a big Web site in Russia with that name.  I believe it is also a surname in Germany (I've seen it a few times; one woman in Germany even has a horse named Dux). There is a four-star Dux restaurant in The Peabody Hotel, Orlando and another one in The Peabody, Memphis. And there is a Dux de Lux Restaurant Bars & Brewery in New Zealand....

6/22/02  I found this gem in issue 121, page 1 of Take Our Word for It:

"As duke comes from Latin dux (= 'leader') it would be natural to assume that it has its origins in ancient Rome. But its history is not that simple. The first dukes were leaders of the Lombards - members of a Teutonic tribe which invaded northern Italy in the Dark Ages. They adopted the Latin dux as a translation of the Old Teutonic herizogo, 'war leader'. The territory governed by a duke is a duchy and a duke's wife is a duchess..."

Click the above link for additional tidbits on the word dux and many other words...


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