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Network Protocols not Binding!!
joshzang Jun-11-00 04:57 AM
I have a pentium 350 with a 3com Etherlink 10 PCI TPO (3C900-TPO) NIC. I cant seem to get any of the networking protocols to bind to my NIC. When i try to add any protocol, whether its tcp/ip or netbois, it only says tcp/ip and not tcp/ip -> 3com etherlink 10 PCI TPO (3C900-TPO) or netbois and not netbois -> 3com etherlink 10 PCI TPO (3C900-TPO). For some reason it wont bind the protocols to my card. I have tried removing then reinstalling my network card from my control panel/system and that didnt help. If anyone knows any kind of trick or setting that I need to do please let me know.

P.S. (This card had the protocols binded before I started to mess around with it then remove the card, if thats any help)

Thanks a lot,


1. RE: Network Protocols not Binding!!
lbyard Jun-11-00 03:53 PM
In response to message 0
Josh, If you only have one protocol and one adpter installed it won't show a separate binding line. Other than that, I would completely uninstall all network compnents and start for scratch. Larry

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