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Internet Sharing Problem
akmour Jul-05-01 11:03 AM
I have 4 computers on a network using tcp/ip protocol although the network works ok the internet sharing doesn't have any suggestions or step by step instructions ... Thanks for your time

1. RE: Internet Sharing Problem
lbyard Jul-05-01 04:19 PM
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OK, I'll guess. You are using Windows 98 SE or Me to share a dial-up connection to the Internet? If so, step-by-step instructions are at http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/win98se/intro.htm. If itís cable or DSL look here: http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/win98se_cab/intro.htm. Larry

2. RE: Internet Sharing Problem
akmour Jul-05-01 05:56 PM
In response to message 1
Thank you very much it really helped

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