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internet sharing using linksys etherfast switch
someguy Jul-08-01 00:00 AM
LAST EDITED ON Jul-08-01 AT 00:03 AM (GMT)

hey, i was looking through reviews on the Linksys EZXS55W EtherFast 10/100 Dual-Speed Workgroup Switch 5-Port at amazon.com, and some people said that you couldnt access internet if you had DSL using this switch. is that true? i have dsl, and this is a big concern to me, because i am planning on getting sygate and sharing an internet connection on my computers.
here are the exact reviews:

I bought this thinking it could work with my ISP service and a cable modem to have multiple computers share Internet access but I was dead wrong. The unit doesn't seem to allow the sharing of a single IP address and that's all my Roadrunner ISP allows for each account. So, if you're in SoCal and are with Roadrunner, I suggest you get a router. Linksys has a decently affordable one--the Linksys BEFSR41 4-Port Etherfast Cable/DSL Router. Check it out. But not to beat this puppy with a shovel, it's not a bad switch. File transfer rates between computers through the switch aren't too bad and it's a cinch to install. Just remember to check all your network settings. Peace out.
I got mine as part of a kit (Linksys Switched 10/100 Network in a Box) which included the EZXS55W, 2 ethernet cards, 2 cables, and the manuals and software stuff... It works like a charm on my network under Windows98 - it's actually hard to tell when you're on another computers hard drive - it's that fast! (One thing it's not, however, is a router... It works fine for sharing an internet connection with computers running modems, but you can't share a DSL connection...I recently signed up for a DSL hookup and the phone company guys said I had to replace my Linksys EZXS55W switch with a Linksys BEFSR41 Cable/DSL Router.) If you just want to network some home computers together and share a single internet modem connection though, this unit is well worth the money.

thanks for the help.

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moesdeal Jul-08-01 01:35 PM
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They are correct, to share a DSL connection easily to networked computer and without having to have one computer on all the time making the connection then you need a broadband router like the linksys one mention or my preferred one which is the SMC Barricade line. The SMC7004ABR Barricade is a nice 4 port one for a small home network. The also have it in an 8 and in wireless. They will establish the DSL connection for you and have built in firewalls. A lot of features you don't get in a regular hub. Hope this helps.

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