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Question about Nokia M5122 adsl modem
PeterG Jul-17-01 07:26 PM
Could someone please tell me how can I access the configuration page of the Nokia M5122 adsl modem?
Someone told me that I need to point my browser to but I did it with no success.
Any help you could give me would be very appreciated.
Thx you in advance.

1. RE: Question about Nokia M5122 adsl modem
lbyard Jul-18-01 07:22 PM
In response to message 0
I have never seen one of these units, but try http://M5122/ Larry

Excerpt from
“5.1 Browser management
The web configuration pages of M5122 can be accessed through the Ethernet and through the ADSL/ATM channels of M5122. In order to
access the web management feature, the IP functionality must be activated and an IP address must be given to the corresponding interface.
You can use your PC’s web browser software to access the web configuration pages in M5122. To access the web pages you must know the IP address of your M5122 or, alternatively, the “name” that
your M5122 recognises.
Note Before using your web browser for configuration, you must know the
IP address or the name assigned to your M5122. There are three ways to find out whether to use a name or an IP address:
_ Your service provider has given you an IP address for M5122.
_ Your M5122 uses Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Domain Name Server. In this case the name is M5122. Your M5122 uses DHCP. In this case run winipcfg.exe (Windows
95) or ipconfig.exe (Windows 98, 2000 and NT). The IP address of M5122 is the Default Gateway address shown by the ipconfig program.
5.1.1 Opening a connection
To open a connection to the Nokia M5122:
1. Start your web browser.
2. Enter the name (’M5122’) or IP address of your Nokia M5122 in
the browser’s Open Location field and press Enter. If you use the IP address, it has to be assigned to a local port or gateway interface
3. Type in the username/password as requested. If no username/password is required, just click OK to proceed. The Nokia M5122 Main Page appears."

2. RE: Question about Nokia M5122 adsl modem
PeterG Jul-19-01 01:03 AM
In response to message 1
Thanks a lot for your reply. Your help was very appreciated! I've d/l the manual (M5122.pdf) from the suggested site and will take a lock on it (and will follow yours instructions too).
I'll post the results here as soon as possible.
Again, many thanks for your time.
Best regards,

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