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Connecting Windows ME with MS-DOS network
Vincepeter Jul-18-01 09:59 PM
I play a multiplayer game on a PC ethernet network (IPX/SPX) with a 486 and Pentium 200 Mhz. In order to maximize playing speed, we reboot in MS-DOS mode then start the network game. Recently we've just added a Pentium 4 running Windows ME. Unfortunately with Windows ME there is no option to restart in MS-DOS mode, even if you press F8 when booting. The computer is easily fast enough to run the game through the MS-DOS prompt window, however when I try to connect up to the other two computers, which are connected after restarting in MS-DOS mode, the Windows ME computer cannot find the other two. I can, however, connect up all three running within Windows 95, 98 and ME respectively, but this really slows down the older machines. I would like to be able to connect my older machines through MS-DOS while connecting the Pentium 4 (running Windows ME) through the MS-DOS prompt window. Do I need the dosclient.exe file? Any ideas?? Thanks!!


1. RE: Connecting Windows ME with MS-DOS network
lbyard Jul-19-01 02:57 PM
In response to message 0
Me has a known problem when more than one protocol is installed. That is, it may try to browse the network neighborhood with only one of the protocols, the one the other computers do not have installed. See if everything works OK when only IPX/SPX is installed on the Me computer. If, so there is a way to work around it. Larry

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