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Tip - Use a HOSTS file for TCP/IP LANs
lbyard Jun-14-00 06:41 PM
Edit the HOSTS.SAM file in the C:\>\Windows directory/folder to associate Static IPs with computer names and save it as C:\Windows\HOSTS (no extension). Computer names are assigned in Start>Settings>Control Panel>Network>Indentification. Do not use if a Dynamic Host Control Protocol server is running and assigning temporary IPs in the same address range/scope as the static IPs. If you have an NT server, LMHOSTS may also be required and is a complicated manner to setup (there is a Micrsoft Knowledge Base article(s) on it, but it is difficult to translate into human). Static IPs for LANs should use, 192.x (x=1,2,3,etc. or whatever); subnet mask should be These are assigned in Start>Control Panel>Configuration>TCP/IP > adapter> Properties>IP Address> Specify an IP Address. Larry

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