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Intel Anypoing Release 2.2
jerroz Jul-25-01 02:13 PM
After installing Release 2.2 I kept getting error 5280 on the client and error 3128 on the host... These messages basically said that something was wrong with the operating system and I would have to reboot... I was able to uninstall 2.2 on the host running under windows me and reinstall the original software from the CD. After I uninstall release 2.2 on the client, running windows 98 I am unable to install the original software. I get the error message that I am trying to install an older version of the software and it won't let me do it..I have not been able to get any help from intel... Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.... Thank you...

1. RE: Intel Anypoing Release 2.2
lbyard Jul-25-01 07:21 PM
In response to message 0
Sorry, but I cannot find an answer to the problem and do not have Anypoint to provide specific steps. I would try to uninstall the old software and install the new software again. If that failed, I would Start, Run, regedit, backup the Windows registry (see help) and search for anypointů search for Intel. Usually one can get away with deleting keys specific to something like Anypoint, but not always. So, be sure you have a backup. Another alternative, and perhaps the best one, is to use the Windows Me System Restore feature (Start, Help, search with the word restore). Larry

2. RE: Intel Anypoing Release 2.2
jerroz Jul-29-01 02:31 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks for the reply... Your suggestion on regedit did the trick.. Once I removed the anypoint references from there I did a successful reinstall of the basic release.. Thanks again!!

Jerry T.

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