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Sharing Cat5
swolgam Jul-29-01 02:49 AM
I was wondering if I could share a Cat5 wire that is in the wall with a dual jack for rj11 and rj45. My telephone wire is blue and white anyways and since they are wasted with a ethernet cable setup could I just run those into the rj11 jack????

Thank You,

2. RE: Sharing Cat5
lbyard Jul-30-01 01:23 PM
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I donít think it will work. The telephone ring voltage/spike may disrupt the network. The end of a CAT 5 twisted pair cable cannot be untwisted more than Ĺ inch without encountering a phenomenon known as near-end crosstalk. Has anyone tried to do this? I do know that a phone connected via a separate pair will occasionally disrupt a 56K MODEM connected with a different pair through the same CAT 5 cable. Larry

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