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Diffrent Cable types in the same Network system
crohns Jun-14-00 11:54 PM
I am going to use two different types of Network Cable on my system. I will be running RG 58A/U for one long run. 500feet I will be coming directly out of the server (with the TEE and terminator grounded) About 20 feet into the run I want to install a BNC T-Connector and run into a multipart hub with the BNC coming in and on the out ports the have the RJ 45 to UTP. I think that these machines should work ok on this HUB. Then I want to finish up my 500 FT run continuing from the TEE when I get to the end of the 500 feet can I use another Multiport hub with a non grounded terminator and convert back to UTP and use RJ 45 connectors to plug into the Network card on the client? I want to keep the cable limited to 500 feet since this will save me from buying another Roll. Does anyone know if this will work? I was not sure about converting back and forth between Coax and UTP twice like this.

Thanks Eric

1. RE: Diffrent Cable types in the same Network system
lbyard Jun-15-00 03:49 PM
In response to message 0
Eric, As I understand it, you have two twisted pair hubs, each with one coax connector on them. The rest of the ports are RJ-45ís. You want to run COAX from the server, T into the first hub, and go 500 ft to the next hub. It should work. Iíve done it, but not that far. The Tís have to be connected to a network adapter or hub port. You cannot tee into a cable and run cable from it to a BNC connector on an adapter or hub. 10 Mhz may be a server bottleneck. Depending on how many workstations you have, etc. at the server end, I would suggest adding a new 100 Mhz hub or switch at the server end, connecting the old 10 Mhz hub to it with UTP, connecting the server to the new hub/switch with UTP, and upgrading the server and workstations to 100 MHz. Larry

2. RE: Diffrent Cable types in the same Network system
crohns Jun-15-00 04:20 PM
In response to message 1
Hello Larry,
The Tís have to be connected to a network adapter or hub port ( No cable in between). I remember this from a Networking resource Web site Link you sent me. I am planning on doing just this, the HUB will be right there on the TEE. You mentioned that I may want to go with 100 MHZ hubs. Can I run these type HUBs in my existing 10 MHZ system? It won't cause damage if the server is running at 10 MHZ ? For internet connection sharing my cable modem is only 10 MHZ. I will only be running 4 PC on the in hold system including the Server. I also use this sever as a workstation as well. Once in a while it locks up. I may put an extra fan in it. Just let me know if I can mix and match the speeds without damage.
Thanks for the help Larry.

3. RE: Diffrent Cable types in the same Network system
lbyard Jun-15-00 06:59 PM
In response to message 2
Eric, You can mix speeds if the device auto-detects, auto-negotiates. Most 100/10 network adapters do that; i.e, they can talk at 10 Mhz to 10 Mhz devices. Many, but not all, 100 Mhz switches do it. There are also, hubs with a switch on a port designed to accommodate a 10 Mhz leg/hub into 100 Mhz network. In any event nothing should be "damaged." They just won't talk if the provisions for doing it are not there. I would take it one-step-at-a-time. Larry

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