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Bundling cables
JayK Aug-01-01 08:48 AM
I need to run my Cat 5 cables along the baseboard. For cosmetic reasons, I want to bundle them in some sort of 'raceway'. Are there any restrictions on the number of cables, the distance them can be run together, the rating of the cables or anything else I have to worry about? I might need as many as 4 cables bundled together.

2. RE: Bundling cables
lbyard Aug-01-01 03:22 PM
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Last updated: 2/11/2000
1. Try to avoid running cables parallel to power cables.
2. Do not bend cables to less than four times the diameter of the cable.
3. If you bundle a group of cables together with cable ties (zip ties), do not over-cinch them. It's okay to snug them together firmly; but don't tighten them so much that you deform the cables.
4. Keep cables away from devices which can introduce noise into them. Here's a short list: copy machines, electric heaters, speakers, printers, TV sets, fluorescent lights, copiers, welding machines, microwave ovens, telephones, fans, elevators, motors, electric ovens, dryers, washing machines, and shop equipment.
5. Avoid stretching UTP cables (tention when pulling cables should not exceed 25 LBS).
6. Do not run UTP cable outside of a building. It presents a very dangerous lightning hazard!
7. Do not use a stapler to secure UTP cables. Use telephone wire/RJ6 coaxial wire hangers which are available at most hardware stores.

There are commercial raceway products for running multiple CAT 5 cables the way you specify. See L-Com at http://www.l-com.com/bin/main?MIR_Mirror=index.html. Their Master Catalog is very good and has details. Larry

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