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If you want to speed win2K -98/ME network browsing - step inside
waddy Aug-01-01 11:27 PM
Slow network browsing on 98/ME is due to Win2K. Delete this registry key on your Win2K machine:

By deafualt, Win2K is always searching for scheduled tasks on any machine you network to. Deleting this key stops Win2K from doing that. It solved my problem of taking nearly a full minute to connect to my WinME machines.

For file copying, I use IPX/SPX exclusively for file sharing (TCP/IP is only used for internet) and those long copies went away. Perhaps someone can shed some light on why TCP/IP takes forever to copy between 9X and 2K machines.

1. RE: If you want to speed win2K -98/ME network browsing - step inside
pricedean Aug-11-01 03:28 AM
In response to message 0
I support my church's 13 PC's in a peer network. A Win2KPro machine functions as a file server. One workstation is Win2KPro and all the rest are Win98.

Slow performance opening files on workstations from the 'server' has been a problem. It can take 30 second, a minute, or more to open a small Word document. This is a problem some times and not others.

Just today I got the idea from another discussion thread on this site that a poorly-performing home-made cable from the 'server' to the hub could be the cause. I replaced it with a professionaly-made cable and the small amount of testing I have done looks very promising.

Now I read your comments here about the registry change and will be trying that. Your impressions, please, about whether the performance problem I describe could be helped by your suggestions, or are you really touching on something totally different?


>Slow network browsing on 98/ME is
>due to Win2K. Delete this
>registry key on your Win2K
>By deafualt, Win2K is always searching
>for scheduled tasks on any
>machine you network to. Deleting
>this key stops Win2K from
>doing that. It solved my
>problem of taking nearly a
>full minute to connect to
>my WinME machines.
>For file copying, I use IPX/SPX
>exclusively for file sharing (TCP/IP
>is only used for internet)
>and those long copies went
>away. Perhaps someone can shed
>some light on why TCP/IP
>takes forever to copy between
>9X and 2K machines.

2. RE: If you want to speed win2K -98/ME network browsing - step inside
waddy Aug-24-01 08:34 PM
In response to message 1

there are a number of factors which contribute to network browsing speed....

what i have suggested above does help considerably........

I have noticed a marked difference on the 98 and ME network speed ......

try it and hopefully it will make a difference for you also

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