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Network problem with Win98SE and WinMe
dongta77 Aug-02-01 08:57 PM
I'm having a problem with my network.
Com1: PII-350 Win98SE with ethernetcard 100mb/s
Com2: PII-400 WinMe #
connect using 10/100 hub

They can see each others, and can copy back and forth. However, when I copy from com1 <-> com2 the colision light always flasing. The copy process pause(line in hub is not flasing) for a couple second and then continue. I found that it's so slow. This did not happend before I upgrade com2 to WinME.

Anyone have this problem before??

1. RE: Network problem with Win98SE and WinMe
lbyard Aug-06-01 02:45 PM
In response to message 0
Be sure the same protocols are installed on both computers. There is a problem with Me if more than one protocol is installed and the same protocols are not installed on the other computers. There may also be a cable problem. Larry

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