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Increasing distance - crossover or patch?
nobbyG Aug-06-01 03:26 PM
I have to increase the distance between the two computers on my home net. They're connected with 10m crossover cable. Do I use crossover to extend (won't this "reverse" the crossover?) or sraight through patch? Distance is approx. 10m using a connector if that's important.
Thanks for any help, nobbyG.

1. RE: Increasing distance - crossover or patch?
lbyard Aug-06-01 03:41 PM
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The best thing to do would be to make or purchase a new cable. An existing crossover cable can be extended with a coupler and a straight-thru cable. The addition plug and coupler will add a line loss the network and increase the probability of a problem. The coupler should be rated (e.g., CAT 5) for use in your network. Yes, a crossover cable would indeed cross the pairs again and effectively make the combined cable into a straight-thru cable. Larry

2. RE: Increasing distance - crossover or patch?
nobbyG Aug-07-01 12:36 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks Larry. I can get the straight through cable for next to nothing and the coupler at a very good price so I'll try that way first and see what the performance/problems are. Thanks for the info. nobbyG

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