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SMC 7004ABR Setup with Charter Pipeline Cable Modem
GS750L Aug-11-01 02:39 AM
I have been reading through the fourms but haven't found an answer yet to this... I am using Charter Pipeline Cable Modem service provided by HSAcorp. Bought a Toshiba PCX 1100U modem and SMC 7004ABR Barricade Router. My Cable service instructed me to set up my TCP/IP for "obtain IP address automatically". They will not, however, offer help with setting up a router. I followed the instructions that came with the router, and tried to set the SMC 7004ABR for "dynamic IP address", but it wouldn't work. The modem diagnostics said the modem couldn't communicate with the PC (with modem connected to the WAN port, PC connected to port 4). I removed the SMC router and connected a Linksys 5-port switch instead, with the modem connected to the uplink port. After I ran "winipcfg", seleted "release" and "renew", the modem worked fine and I was able to surf the WWW. After much hair pulling trying to get the SMC router to work with dynamic IP address (as directed by SMC's instruction book) I finally tried to set it up with a static IP address for the WAN (Internet connection)using the settings provided by winipcfg that had worked with the Linksys switch. Voila! It works! Now I am worried that if the cable server's IP address changes I will have to reconfigure the router. What can I do to get the dynamic IP address function working?

1. RE: SMC 7004ABR Setup with Charter Pipeline Cable Modem
lbyard Aug-11-01 04:49 AM
In response to message 0
Connect to the Barricade with your browser and login. In the Primary Setup change the WAN Type to Dynamic IP Address, reboot or power cycle the Barricade, and login again. In the Status menu click the Release button to release the IP address lease. Click the Renew button to get a new IP address. I have a one-way cable MODEM that uses a dial-up to send data to the Internet and the cable to receive it. It occasionally breaks the connection and I have to go through this procedure if I am too impatient to wait for the Barricade to do it automatically. I usually have to release and renew the IP several times. You may or may not have to do that. Larry

2. RE: SMC 7004ABR Setup with Charter Pipeline Cable Modem
GS750L Aug-11-01 05:47 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks, Larry. I'll try that and let you know how it comes out.


3. RE: SMC 7004ABR Setup with Charter Pipeline Cable Modem
GS750L Aug-11-01 10:10 PM
In response to message 2
Yea!! It worked! I don't think I could have done this the first time I was working on it. I had an older version of the firmware that did not have the "release" and "renew" buttons on the setup. I have since updated the firmware and those buttons are available. Thanks, Larry...you're a great help. Only took one run through your steps to make it work

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