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Cannot share files and printers using Windows 98
GlassSlipr Aug-11-01 09:16 PM

We recently spent 6 (count 'em!) weeks setting up a DSL file sharing scenario using a Netgear RT-314 gateway route and Telocity DSL modem. The software that Telocity provides SAYS that it's configuring your gateway for Ethernet, but it really isn't--please keep this in mind if you are ever contemplating getting an account with them. Once they walked us through MANUALLY a manual configuration of their gateway, everything worked fine. This brings us to problem #2.

We have enabled file and print sharing on both PC's, and we can each see each other's computer in Windows Explorer under "network neighborhood," but that's it.

Any suggestions on what we might be doing wrong? Would it be worth $50 to just go and upgrade both of us to Windows 98 SE?


Sharon Mueller

1. RE: Cannot share files and printers using Windows 98
GS750L Aug-11-01 09:56 PM
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It is not enough to just to enable file and printer sharing. You then have to go into windows explorer, select the folder or drive you want to share, then either select "properties" from the toolbar and go to the sharing tab, or select the folder you want to share, right click and select "sharing" from the pop up menu. The selection on the sharing properties will be "not shared" until you change it. Do this for each drive or folder you want to share. After you share a folder the icon representing it will change...it will have a little hand under the icon as if holding it out.

2. RE: Cannot share files and printers using Windows 98
lbyard Aug-12-01 02:55 PM
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Have you shared a drive, file, or printer (http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/net2pc/disk.htm)? I donítí think SE (or Me for that matter) are worth the money and upgrading will make no difference as far as networking is concerned. Larry

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