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g-p-f Aug-12-01 02:48 PM
hey Larry, is it possible for two computer to use one dialup account... let say one PC in office and one in home, i want to connect my home PC one at office to use the dialup account and be able to browse the net... if so, how it is possible and what software/program should i use... can 'dial up server' in win98 SE help solve my problem?

1. RE: connection....
lbyard Aug-12-01 03:12 PM
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Is it possible for two computers to use one dialup account? Should be possible. It may not be possible for both to do it at the same exact time, but that depends on the ISP. Try it and you will know. Larry

2. RE: connection....
g-p-f Aug-13-01 09:23 PM
In response to message 1
its only single user... if i setup 'dial up server' would that help? so that i can connect my PC at home to the PC at office...

3. RE: connection....
lbyard Aug-14-01 11:09 AM
In response to message 2
The dial-up server will do that. Try it. Larry

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