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Network not working at certain times!!!
georgeattfield Aug-14-01 09:31 PM
We are currently on a network with three computers which was working fine until recently.

Now at about 8pm every night one of the client computers stops working on the internet, either going working very very slow or not at all?

We was wondering if the setting could have somehow been changed or something interfering with it, but we dont know what it could be. Also if that computer tries to get into the server computer at this time via that computer is comes up with 'Unknown User'???

The other client and server computer is working fine!

Have you any answers on what could be coursing this, as we are very confused!!!


1. RE: Network not working at certain times!!!
lbyard Aug-14-01 09:45 PM
In response to message 0
Check for the SirCam virus (http://duxcw.com/news/virus/sircam.htm). That was a guess and I'd like to know if it is a correct one, OK? Larry

2. RE: Network not working at certain times!!!
georgeattfield Aug-15-01 08:29 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks for the advise on the virus, but i did a check and it came up clean!!!

The thing that confuses me the most is that it works during day fine and only some evenings when it stops!

This evening for example it did it again, but is again working again at the moment, without me doing anything to it???

Im very confused, if you can think of any other ideas, it was would great, thanks for your help!!!!

4. RE: Network not working at certain times!!!
lbyard Aug-15-01 09:00 PM
In response to message 2
Your first post said every night. Your last one says some evenings. The first one indicated an event that is clocked. The second indicates an intermittent problem that is noticed at specific time. Are you sure it isn’t coincidental and that is always happening to just one computer, and that it only occurs at eight o’clock. Or, is it something that you notice at that time because you do something with the same computer at eight o’clock most nights? I am asking these “dumb” questions not to be annoying, but to try to get some idea of what is happening. It might be helpful to keep a log for about a week. The problem could be caused by something your service provider is doing (most) every evening. Or, is it something more than one person does most every evening at 8 to more than one computer on the network at the same time? Perhaps an external influence on the network, such as a machine that comes on at that time (air conditioner?). Does anything correct the condition? Larry

7. RE: Network not working at certain times!!!
georgeattfield Aug-20-01 10:49 AM
In response to message 4
I have been taking a note of when the problem occurs and really havent found a specific time.

Basically, i cannot get onto the Network one minute and then then next it is all working fine. I have noticed though, that is seems to work in bursts, one minute nothing is working, then the next it is fine again. When this is happening the computer cannot use the internet. I have also found now that the other client computer is having the same problem, but at much lesser rate. Still, during the day the computer is working fine.

I also thought about what you said about the air conditioning and that, but we dont have anything like that here, or anything that goes on at a certain time. The only thing we can think it could be is a fault with the Network cards.

At the moment the best idea we can come up with is to reformat all three computers and start again. If you can come up with any more suggestions, we would be greatful.


Also, i would like to point out that some idiot has written the last two messages using my name, not me!!

9. RE: Network not working at certain times!!!
lbyard Aug-20-01 05:05 PM
In response to message 7
I do not think reformatting your hard disk drives warrants the time required to do it. Uninstalling and reinstalling everything network may fix the problem. If you are having the same problem with all of the computers, including the host, the two most like causes are noisy phone lines or a service provider problem. If you don’t hear noise on the line with a telephone, the problem is usually, in my experience, the service provider. If the host is not having a problem and one client is having it more often, you may have a flaky cable. However a flaky cable would also affect local file transfers and I would test that during slowdowns. If transfers are also slow, I would try swapping cables, if practical, and see if the behavior of the two clients change. Larry

10. RE: Network not working at certain times!!!
georgeattfield Sep-11-01 07:42 PM
In response to message 9
Thanks for your advice, i tried what you said about reloading the software for the client computer which isnt working and it worked for a couple of days, but has stopped again now!!!

I also tried pinging the server computer and it says that the request timed out. But when i tried it again about two mins later and it worked. When i tried again it would say that it timed out in parts and that 70% wouldnt get through!!!

I did look at the wires, but we dont have that many as we use the telephone sockets to connect the computers together.

If you can come up with any other suggestions id be greatful as im really stick now!!!


11. RE: Network not working at certain times!!!
lbyard Sep-12-01 06:55 PM
In response to message 10
LAST EDITED ON Sep-12-01 AT 06:55 PM (GMT)

>I did look at the wires, but we dont have that many as we use the telephone sockets to connect the computers together.

Please describe in detail your network configuration, network components, and wiring. I suspect the wiring from the info you have provided. Larry

12. RE: Network not working at certain times!!!
georgeattfield Sep-15-01 05:33 PM
In response to message 11
We use a Zoom/HomeLAN PCI card. Basically, you have a lead coming out of the computer as you would with a modem and that plugs into the HomeLAN socket and the other end goes into the phone jack. This basically saves wiring going around the house, but also means not much wire to go wrong.

Im not sure what you mean by network configuration and network components?

Thanks for your help again,

13. RE: Network not working at certain times!!!
lbyard Sep-15-01 05:57 PM
In response to message 12
So, we are dealing with a phoneline network… Is someone trying to do something/use the phoneline when these events happen? Roughly how far apart are the computers? Larry

14. RE: Network not working at certain times!!!
georgeattfield Sep-15-01 06:09 PM
In response to message 13
Well, we have two different phone lines, the internet uses its own, so no one is using it as no phone is even in the phone socket.

The server computer is downstairs and the other two client computers are upstair. Both the clients come off the same phone socket with a double adapter. An extention then goes to the client computer which is working. The client computer which has the problems is right by the phone socket and plugs in from there. So the two client computers are about 20 feet away.

Thank you again,

16. RE: Network not working at certain times!!!
lbyard Sep-15-01 07:23 PM
In response to message 14
Try plugging the client furthest from the wall jack directly into the unused jack that is on the client that is closest and removing the splitter from the wall. If the network does not work (documentation on Zoom’s web site is scarce and doesn’t even include a Users Manual--that I can find), revert to the old configuration and see which client has a problem. If it is the same client, try swapping jacks where they plug into the splitter to see if the problem moves to the other client. Larry

17. RE: Network not working at certain times!!!
georgeattfield Sep-18-01 04:01 PM
In response to message 16
I have tried all that - I have unplugged the client computer which is working and just had the client which is having the problems in and it is the same. I have tried changing the wires around with the client which is working and still the faulty client computer has the same problems.

Do you think it can be a wire problem if the client works fine during the day, but start to have a problem in the evening time?

Also i dont understand why when pinging the server computer it works sometimes then doesn’t others when i did nothing to change it.

Also I have noticed that when looking on the Network Neighborhood that it is very slow at certain times!!!

I just dont get it - do you think it could be a configuration problem???

19. RE: Network not working at certain times!!!
lbyard Sep-18-01 07:50 PM
In response to message 17
I don’t see how a configuration problem would be time dependent. It could be that something is (periodically) choking the network. Next time it happens, try press Ctrl-Alt Delete and noting what tasks are running. There could be something trying to connect to the Internet (Windows Update, etc.). It’s not difficult to choke a 1 MHz network. If you use the network a lot I would consider replacing it (and the wiring) with a 100 MHz 100BASE-TX network. If the wiring is not tooooo difficult, the price isn’t terrible. Larry

20. RE: Network not working at certain times!!!
georgeattfield Sep-25-01 08:12 PM
In response to message 19
You was right about the wiring problem, i changed it around again and found the problem.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help,

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