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Router Basics
flee2 Aug-16-01 07:17 AM
configuring a router with nat, and having an ADSL connection with an Alcatel Modem.. can i get multiples public addreses? example:
router gives ips:

i want to redirect the packets from/to ip 254 to local ip and the 253 to

can i make this?



1. RE: Router Basics
lbyard Aug-16-01 02:47 PM
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A router connected to an ADSL MODEM would communicate with one IP, the one assigned to the MODEM. Once connected to the Internet it could connect to the two IP addresses you list if they are also connected to the Internet. Computers on the other side of the router could then be assigned the private IPs you list and connect to either of the public IPs. Once connected to one of the public IPs, a router would then forward packets back and forth between the computer with the public IP and the PC as you describe. Can you make one? Sure, if you have lot of money, knowledge, equipment, and time. It would be much much cheaper just to buy one. Larry

2. RE: Router Basics
adi Dec-03-01 05:37 PM
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if U use a NAT U can just use one public IP address at the external Interrface and in the intarnal Intreface U can Use a privte IP address as U need .. so U save an public Ip and in the same time there r many users can Use this connection that they use a privite ip address internally ....

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