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Sending Wake Packet during start up of sender - help?
stigweed Aug-18-01 06:36 PM
I have one PC connected to the internet by modem, this is also connected to another PC via crosswired Cat5. I have managed to set up shared internet and a method of booting the modem PC from the other PC.

However, my family (who will use the other PC) are not going to want to type in the ethernet address of the modem PC every time they go online and I do not want to have to leave the modem PC on all day. Is there anyway to have the packet sent during windows startup or in the autoexec file? I am currently using the AMD magic packet program and the only automation this has is to set a time for the wakeup signal to be sent - obviously this is not suitable when the internet could be needed bythe 'other PC' at any time.

Please help.

1. RE: Sending Wake Packet during start up of sender - help?
lbyard Aug-20-01 04:36 PM
In response to message 0
I looked at all of the AMD stuff. I donít see any indication that magpac.exe can be started from the DOS prompt with command line parameters to feed it the info needed to connect to a specific MAC address to wake-up a computer automatically. It looks like the DOS program might work, but it also appears to be quite a bit more work than I have time to spend for. I bumped into this one along the way, which may do the trick: http://www.ninstall.com/wake-on-lan/welcome.asp. Larry

2. RE: Sending Wake Packet during start up of sender - help?
stigweed Aug-20-01 05:12 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks a lot. Their commmand line thing looks like exactly the kind of thing I want. Going to try it now...

3. RE: Sending Wake Packet during start up of sender - help?
observer Aug-20-01 06:29 PM
In response to message 1
Good post. This looks exactly like what I need for my network.

4. Not all it should be
stigweed Aug-20-01 06:49 PM
In response to message 3
Although it is a command prompt program, it does not run in DOS so you cannot have it go in your autoexe.bat file. However, if you write it into a batch file and stick it into the startup folder, it'll work, but your clients will have to wait for the server/router to start up (1 min 30 seconds) - not ideal but better than nothing.

I imagine it would be a bit of a nightmare sortign out a program that could find your network card in DOS and then make it send the wake-up.

Also, remember to remove the '-' dashes from the ethernet/MAC addresses otherwise it will not work.

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