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Network won't work with tcp-ip
pdrew83155 Aug-19-01 10:02 PM
I have a peer to peer on 2 98 se computers.The network runs fine with netbeui installed.When i install tcp-ip and remove netbeui,the network can see the other computer and access the directories,but as i try to open a file (even a notepad file)it locksup the computer i am trying to access from.I am running one pII 300,440 lx motherboard, 128 megs of ram,diamond stealth 540 extreme video card,linksys network card.The other is an AMD 400,128 ram,linksys network card.The settings for tcp-ip are: obtain ip address automatically
bindings:client for microsoft networks
file and printer sharing for microsoft networks
The only other setting is use dhcp for wins resolution. Any ideas? I tried to set this up as per instructions from how to guides.
Thanks for any help

1. RE: Network won't work with tcp-ip
lbyard Aug-20-01 04:47 PM
In response to message 0
Suggest reinstalling NetBEUI. I found that to be necessary in some networks that do not have a file server acting as a browse master, especially if dynamic IP addresses are used. Larry

3. RE: Network won't work with tcp-ip
pdrew83155 Aug-22-01 00:24 AM
In response to message 1
Nice call.Have ics up and running again,just in time for school to start when everyone in the house needs to get on the net at the same time
Thanks Larry

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