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Sygate 3.11 problems
denisavu Jun-24-00 06:16 AM
I have two Win98SE computers networked via Dell's(Aironet) 4800LT wireless NICs. The computers have RR internet cable access. Lately, I seem to be having problems downloading huge files (the network connection would 'hang'- the computers would stop recognizing each other). After which I would have to reboot both machines in order to surf the internet again. And worst of all, since tonight, I can no longer access the drives on my server. I get a 'path to drive' not found or drive not available. I don't get it because I have enabled full access under "Sharing" and in Sygate's Share Drives and Printer utility. At times I can "see" the drives on my server but when I attempt to access files on the server I get the above message. Please help.

1. RE: Sygate 3.11 problems
lbyard Jun-24-00 04:36 PM
In response to message 0
From your description, it appears that you may have two problems: cable MODEM drops and network connectivity. The natural inclination would be to think that the thing associated with both is the culprit, which may or may not be the case. The first thing to do is to ask yourself, “what changed,” since the last time every thing was working the way it should. What changed? The most common reason for not being able to access the server is a bad LAN connection. Have you moved one of the computers or anything around them? Try pinging from one computer to the other in a DOS window. Try the other tools in Tips posted June 14th. Uninstall SyGate to eliminate it as the cause of the LAN problem… Troubleshoot one thing at a time. Try the NetBEUI protocol to verify that the LAN components are working OK (you will still need TCP/IP on both machines to share the Internet IP). All to often I have had to completely uninstall and reinstall all Windows networking components after making many (too many) changes. If you were trying to download from servers in Penn., there were major UUNET outages this week, which slowed everything down noticeably. It affected Pair Networks, the world’s largest web hosting service with 95,000 servers and many computer-related sites, including mine. Larry

2. RE: Sygate 3.11 problems
denisavu Jun-24-00 05:48 PM
In response to message 1
First of all, Sygate came on a CD with the Dell NICs. I can surf alright - but the problem arises when I try to access files on the server from the laptop(client). I can "see" the drives and it will display its drives' contents but when I double-click to access the files it gives me "E:\ file not accessible" or "path not found" errors. All drives and printers have been "shared". Please help.

3. RE: Sygate 3.11 problems
lbyard Jun-24-00 07:55 PM
In response to message 2
I think you have and intermittant connection or driver problem. Looks like those NICs are Cisco Aironet products, which I have not used. See http://www7.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/aironet/solution?11=990818-0032&130=0934995856&14=7&2715=&15=0&2716=&57=faq&58=&2900=xoVVcy0up6&25=6 and other FAQs on Cisco’s site. I am calling it day; cold beer waits. Let us know if we helped, OK? Larry

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