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ASUS m/b & network problems
mac Aug-23-01 07:42 PM
Hi, using an ASUS cusl2-c w/ win 2k and have it p2p'd to a win95. (total 4 pc on the net).

I am also using an sn3200 card , which w2k detected a universal driver for it.

When the unit tries to join/attach the network, there's a big delay. other times it doens't even attach. Theres a minimal # of mapped share drives and printer share, so can't imagine what the problem is other than the m/b . I also bypassed the existing cabling and used a seperate 3com card and external cable/hub and tried to attach the PC to another peer. 1st time it connected fast/fine. but it started giving me same delayed symptoms and even not attaching at times.

any hists /clues ?

1. RE: ASUS m/b & network problems
lbyard Aug-23-01 08:17 PM
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2. RE: ASUS m/b & network problems
mac Aug-23-01 08:36 PM
In response to message 1
thnx for quick reply!

Do you think slow network connection can take advantage of same solution? basically, system sits on the screen which displays message "mapping network drive \\buickpc\data"
and often doesn't connect at all!

i will implement your solution later , but was thinking of pulling out the m/b for a delayed swap.

3. RE: ASUS m/b & network problems
lbyard Aug-23-01 08:50 PM
In response to message 2
Broken, disconnected, improperly terminated (coax), or miswired cables are responsible for over 70% of all LAN problems. This looks like one of those 70%. Larry

4. RE: ASUS m/b & network problems
mac Aug-24-01 07:21 AM
In response to message 3
thnx again!

As i said before, i tested the PC with different wiring/hub/ and a new 3 com NIC, and results were the same. So, in this case , i don't think coax cabling is the problem..

thnx though, will let you know how i solve it (if?)

5. RE: ASUS m/b & network problems
mac Aug-24-01 11:08 AM
In response to message 4
hmmm, windows 2k pro don't like the tcp/ip activated for peer2peer..

so i had to deactivate that...

also documentation called for caps for station name, what if one uses numbers in the station name ?

man... what a bad/unlucky tech i could be sometimes..

thnx again

6. RE: ASUS m/b & network problems
mac Aug-24-01 11:16 AM
In response to message 1

Thanks again!

I couldn't find the following key in my win 2kpro station. i think it refers to a win2k server having that key and so on.

But thank you as it was an eye opener... so much fun just reading about this stuff, rather than trying to implement fixes, while someone is on your back every 7 1/2 minute....

man, i saved myself from pulling out an ASUS m/b!
as i said , no tcp/ip needed in peer2peer on win2k pro station.

k, have a great weekend..

Slow network browsing on 98/ME is due to Win2K. Delete this registry key on your Win2K machine:
By deafualt, Win2K is always searching for scheduled tasks on any machine you network to. Deleting this key stops Win2K from doing that. It solved my problem of taking nearly a full minute to connect to my WinME machines.

For file copying, I use IPX/SPX exclusively for file sharing (TCP/IP is only used for internet) and those long copies went away. Perhaps someone can shed some light on why TCP/IP takes forever to copy between 9X and 2K machines.

8. RE: ASUS m/b & network problems
lbyard Aug-25-01 06:19 PM
In response to message 6
How in the world are using coax cabling with a hub? If you need more help please describe your hardware network and network configurations in as much detail as possible. Larry

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