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Please Help Network Newbi...
labfoog Sep-03-01 04:21 AM
I am think of setting up the house for cable internet sharing. I have read all the guides and how-to here online, but here is the question...

1. Why would I need to buy the cables in bulk when I could just buy the pre-fabed cables that comes with the RJ45 already on it ?
2. Assuming that I could use the pre-fab cables, I have gone into the attic and measured the length that I will need. The longest run I have is 75', will I loose bandwidth or speed if choose to use 100' cables ?

I am connecting 5 PCs, using a SMC cable internet router. Your help or comment would be appreciated.

1. RE: Please Help Network Newbi...
BBATES Sep-03-01 06:44 AM
In response to message 0
Pre-Fab cables just make it easier to customize cables to length. Cable price was alot higher than now and I believe that was another benefit, but not now. I would suggest prefab.

CAT5 UTP cable can run about 328 feet

SMC router is the best that I have seen. I just recently got a cable modem installed. I already had my network of 4 pc set up with the Barricade when the installer got to my house. They ran the coax to where the router is located, connected it to the modem, and ran a short utp cable to the router. I asked what the IP address was, and they told me that it was dynamic. I set the router to accept a dynamic IP and rebooted. Now I am surfing the net at 2.1Mbps on all of our pc. From the time the installers entered my home until I brought up my homepage was 15 mins.

Good Luck. You have already found one of the best web sites for help and support. The Dux

2. RE: Please Help Network Newbi...
labfoog Sep-06-01 05:52 AM
In response to message 1
Thanks for the suggestion. Finally finished the wiring tonight, decided to use the bulk cables instead of pre-fab afterall. Being a 10,000 sqft house, I never realize how many power cable there was. So went with bulk cable to avoid all the power cables and staples to put it in place.

Question about the SMC : I know that it have one DMZ. Should I be worried that one is not enough? I think either the Netgear or Linksys have more than one DMZ. Should I stay with the SMC ?

Cable guy will be here monday, need to get the router this weekend. Anyone want to shed some light on this subject?

3. RE: Please Help Network Newbi...
lbyard Sep-06-01 04:31 PM
In response to message 2
Barricade Help:

“IP Address of DMZ Host
DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) Host is a host without the protection of the firewall. It allows a computer to be exposed to unrestricted 2-way communication for Internet games, video conferencing, Internet telephony and other special applications.
NOTE: This feature should be used only when needed.”

“Some applications require multiple connections, such as Internet games, video conferencing, Internet telephony, etc. Because of the firewall function, these applications cannot work with a pure NAT router. The Special Applications feature allows some of these applications to work with your Barricade. The settings are:
· Trigger: the outbound port number issued by the application.
· Incoming ports: when the trigger packet is detected, inbound packets sent to the specified port numbers are allowed to pass through the firewall.
This product provides some predefined settings. Select your application and click Copy to to add the predefined setting to your list. If the mechanism of Special Applications fails to make an application work, try setting your computer as the DMZ host instead.
NOTE: At any given time, only one PC can use each Special Application.”

Each Special Application = a TCP port(s)

Barricade can also be configured for 20 WWW, FTP and other virtual servers on the LAN to be accessible to Internet users.

The Linksys router (BEFSR41) allows one DMZ host. Linksys Port Forwarding is similar to the Barricade Special Applications function. Larry

4. RE: Please Help Network Newbi...
labfoog Sep-08-01 06:36 AM
In response to message 3
WOW ! That is alot of info to absorb. Thanks for the imput and I have copied your reply to my high speed access note-worthy files.

Again thanks so much for the help. Will get the router tommorow, got my finger crossed for the Monday install.

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