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Sharing Printers, HP Deskjet 712C
n6qs Sep-05-01 01:29 AM
I am unable to share my HP Deskjet 712C printer with other computers on my home network.
PC#1 (n6qs1) is the PC with the printer installed on LPT1. The printer is "shared"
per the instruction on this web site and the instruction from my Netgear home networking kit.
The network is working fine. I can share files OK with all three PC's on my network.

I have installed the 712C drivers (from the product CD) in all the PC's on my network. I can share
the printer from PC#2 (n6qs2) no problem, but not from PC#3 (n6qs3).

PC#1 and PC#3 are winME and PC#2 is win98. All the settings are the same on PC#2 and PC#3, but PC#2 prints fine but
PC#3 does not.

I receive the following error messages on PC#3 (n6qs3): (windows) There was an error writing to \\n6qs1\hp (the correct path for
PC#1) for the printer HP Deskjet 710C series...

(HP) The computer has lost communication with the printer...

Again, all settings regarding the printers on PC#2 and PC#3 are indentical, however only PC#2 can print using the network printer on PC#1.

Can you help?

Netgear customer support blew me off on day one. They reffered me to HP. I'm still waiting for a response.

Thanks in advance.

Dave Larus

1. RE: Sharing Printers, HP Deskjet 712C
lbyard Sep-05-01 05:38 AM
In response to message 0
Verify that the network adapter Link LEDs are on solid and not blinking. Please test the network connection to PC#3 by copying about 100 MBytes from it to another computer. If should take roughly 1 minute, 20 seconds. To avoid a known local network Browse problem with Win Me, be sure the Me computers have all of the protocols installed that are present on the network. Then see http://duxcw.com/dcforum/DCForumID2/663.html. I will probably make an FAQ out of that forum post as the problem has come-up a few times. Larry

2. RE: Sharing Printers, HP Deskjet 712C
n6qs Sep-05-01 11:23 PM
In response to message 1
Hello Larry,

Thanks for your reply to my post.

The document you refered me to was quite helpful. The more I work on sharing my HPDJ712C, the better I get a networking as a whole. However, I am a neophyte at best.

After following the instructions on Paul Barker's post, this is where I stand: The printer will load a page and prepare to print (from PC#3). When the printer goes into the actual print mode, I receive an Win error message on PC#1. The error message refers to "Hpfp13.exe". At this point, my document will not print. When I try to print from PC#1 (the "host"), I receive an HP error message telling me the printer is busy. I must restart PC#1 in order to print again.

Oh well, at least I got the printer to load a page!

My next step is to try and get a hold of Paul Barker and see if he'll let me pick his brian!

I'll let you know when I resolve this issue.

Thanks again,

3. RE: Sharing Printers, HP Deskjet 712C
n6qs Sep-07-01 01:06 AM
In response to message 1
Hello Again Larry,

Still no luck with trying to share my HPDJ712C. I'm about to check which driver is being used in PC#2 (the one that I CAN network share the printer) and see what version. Maybe it's different. The HP712C was originally on that PC before I moved it to PC#1. I recently upgraded the OS on pc#2 from Win. 95 to Win. 98B. I did a little research on this forum and saw some posts from back in April regarding this same problem.

Anyway, I'll keep you informed (if you're still interested). Thanks for your help!

Dave kq6ns@gte.net

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