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smc 4abr
robert03 Sep-09-01 00:44 AM
old network:
w2k server connected to the cable modem (external nic)
(internal nic)connected to lan, client machine ME.
sharing with RRAS and NAT, DNS forwarding to net.
installed the router removed the external nic, removed NAt & DHCP still have DNS on server.
everything works ok.
only problem is tha twhen i enable DHCP on the me machine, i get an ip where as my scope is 192..168.2.1 to 10.
if i make the server dhcp client it get no problems there.
if i use static ip on the ME it cant browse with the router DNS ip, but if i enter the ip of the server with DNS forwarding to the routers ip it works ok.
tried everything,
just point me to a link on configuring this router, coz the manual doesnt provide much info.%

1. RE: smc 4abr
lbyard Sep-09-01 04:49 PM
In response to message 0
I have an NT server, one Win 2K Pro, one Win 98, and 2 Win Me computers all connected to an SMC Barricade router and a DLink switch plugged into the router. I use the routerís DHCP as is and everything on the router is set to original defaults. DHCP server, DNS, and WINS on the server are disabled. Works great. The router takes care of DNS forwarding/proxy. DNS is disabled on the Win 9X/Me computers. You shouldnít need static IPs. Do you have a gateway set on the Me computer from the old software configuration? I would see if the Win Me computer works OK without the Server connected. Uninstall and reinstall everything network on the Me computer. http://www.smc.com/smc/common/barricade_faq.cfm.

2. RE: smc 4abr
robert03 Sep-10-01 01:59 AM
In response to message 1
the ME worked great when i used the w2k as a router, now i configured both the computers with static ip works ok.
setup smc for ip forwarding but doesnt forwader to the webserver, checked out the website found a new firmware 1.30 i have 1.20 installed should i upgrade.

sorry for being so stupid, i tend to get that way when get new toys.

3. RE: smc 4abr
lbyard Sep-10-01 06:04 AM
In response to message 2
I would upgrade, but I do not think it will solve the basic problems you are having. If you are trying to put a web server behind the router, and it the router works like mine, use a static IP for the web server that does not fall within routerís DHCP server scope (or change the scope) and setup a virtual server on the router with the IP and port 80. I use all dynamic IPs on my network and the router DHCP works fine. If I were to setup a web server using IIS, I would, of course, assign a static IP to that server. Larry

4. RE: smc 4abr
robert03 Sep-12-01 01:18 AM
In response to message 3
man this is driving me mad, ok first of all the smc router doesnt forawrd to my server.
now im having another problem, how do i setup VPN on the network, ther eis no option in the router setup to setup VPN or setup the router to accept VPN connections, then when i try to setup RRAS and VPN on the w2k server behind the router, it asks for the interface connected to the net, but i only have one interface on the serer connectd to the lan, and connected to the net with that.
so i have to install another nic, or can i setup something for VPN on the router.
please help me

5. RE: smc 4abr
lbyard Sep-12-01 06:59 PM
In response to message 4
Start here: http://www.smc.com/smc/common/barricade_faq6.cfm. Larry

6. RE: smc 4abr
robert03 Sep-13-01 02:30 AM
In response to message 5
did what was mentioned in the FAQ, but still nothing.
setup my webserver behind the router, on a local ip, checked everything works fine when i enter the local ip in the browser.
setup virtual server and opened port 80 to this ip, but cant connect to the server using the public ip.
also when i check the discard ping from WAN, nothing happend i can still ping the WAN ip.
any other ideas please....

7. RE: smc 4abr
lbyard Sep-13-01 04:21 PM
In response to message 6
Suggest working one problem at a time. I would try the public IP from a PC that is not behind the router. I would set-up a web server to see what is going on, but my service provider forbids it. I would suggest a phone call to SMC. Larry

8. RE: smc 4abr
robert03 Sep-13-01 10:54 PM
In response to message 7
oh please.. please can u setup a webserver, jut for one day, im sure your isp wont even notice, just let me know if u are able to setup the server behind the router.
so far your the only other person who has used this router and my only hope.
want to be sure i or anyone else cannot solve this problem before i call the tech support.

9. RE: smc 4abr
lbyard Sep-14-01 03:59 PM
In response to message 8
What version of the router firmware do you have installed? Larry

Q: How do I set up a web server behind the Barricade?
A: Upgrade to the latest firmware off our website.

10. RE: smc 4abr
robert03 Sep-14-01 09:43 PM
In response to message 9
i have upgraded to 1.30 downloaded it form teh web site.

11. RE: smc 4abr
robert03 Sep-15-01 01:26 AM
In response to message 10
sorry larry, i think the problem was that i was trying to access the site from clients behind the nat as someone in another NG pointed out.
please try and access this ip
and let me know if i have made a complete ##### of my self.
and sorry for bugging u so much

12. RE: smc 4abr
robert03 Sep-15-01 02:52 PM
In response to message 11
just one more question. u said u have VPN or some application ports setup on your router.
my question is that i read that ipsec and l2tp cannot pass through NAT, wanted to know if smc allows this, just let me know if u were able to do it.

13. RE: smc 4abr
lbyard Sep-15-01 05:27 PM
In response to message 11
I am able to access (the VegasDomain) with IE 6.0 from a client behind an SMC Barricade SMC7004BR 4-port 10/100 Mbps Broadband Router running version R.193e of the firmware. Larry

14. RE: smc 4abr
lbyard Sep-15-01 05:38 PM
In response to message 13
In response to your last post, I have setup some ports, etc. to troubleshoot problems with applications; e.g., mIRC. I have not setup VPN at any time and have setup web servers on Windows NT and 9x, but not behind a Barricade router. If I decide to, I donít think it would be as difficult as actually setting-up the servers. As stated at http://www.smc.com/smc/common/barricade_faq6.cfm, SMC says the router will work, with some restrictions, with VPN connections and IPsec. I have had no problems with secure connections in the one-year plus I have been using the Barricade. That is all I know about it. Larry

15. RE: smc 4abr
robert03 Sep-15-01 09:28 PM
In response to message 14
thanx a lot buddy.
i think i read somewhere that the smc 4abr support l2tp, ipsec and pptp pass through.
will experiment with this and let u know how it turns out in case anyone else has problems.
thanx again,

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