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Alcatel Speedtouch USB & SMC7004ABR
sphere360 Sep-13-01 05:50 AM
I am awaiting my order for the SMC7004ABR (which by the way you can get for $40.00 after rebate by following info at http://www.slickdeals.net/#p1778).
I was wondering if you know of any information, or problems I should say, with its operation with the DSL Alcatel Speedtouch Modem? I have the USB version, but just wanted to double check in case anyone has had problems. Now would be a good time to know since I have already ordered it! Besides, couldnt pass up that deal! Free shipping too. :0)

I appreciate any info in this matter! Thanks, Sphere360

1. RE: Alcatel Speedtouch USB & SMC7004ABR
lbyard Sep-13-01 04:27 PM
In response to message 0
It won't work with a USB connection between the MODEM and the WAN port on the router. The router has an Ethernet WAN port. Larry

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