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ICS on 486/66
DMeehl Jun-28-00 04:50 PM

i am making a lan in my house and was going to put linux on a 486/66 but i
am not experienced enough in linux yet, so i figured i would install windows
98 on the computer and use ICS untill i get more experience.
I was told that all the computer needs to do is route the information it
doesnt have to process anything.
So my question is: What are the system requirements for ICS, if that is all the
computer would be used for.

Thank you,

1. RE: ICS on 486/66
lbyard Jun-28-00 05:07 PM
In response to message 0
To run ICS a computer has to run Windows 98 SE and process many things.

The minimum requirements to install Windows 98 SE are:
66 Mhz 486 DX processor or faster.
24 MBytes of memory
"... enough free hard disk space. A typical installation requires 205 MB to 260 MB of hard disk space, but may range between 190 MB to 400 MB, depending on your system configuration, the options you choose to install, and whether you are installing the full version or upgrade version of Windows 98..."
Windows 98 SE will check your machine and will not install if these requirements are not met. It may work, but I for one would not run ICS on a 486. Larry

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