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Sluggish Network Adapter Performance
gudlife Sep-16-01 11:57 AM
Since I have gotten past (hopefully) all of my router setup problems, I have found another peculiarity on my network. I have noticed that my faster computer seems to be a little sluggish surfing the net. Coming from a dialup connection before, I didn't notice it right off, but my older PC is blowing it away. I ran 2wire's bandwidth tester and to my surprise, my old K62 400 is getting 230Kbps and my K7 750 is only getting 40Kbps!!! I changed cables, ports on the router, dynamic Ip assignment, PCI slot and even the NIC. I even reinstalled Win Me. When I changed my NIC I went from a 10Mbps half duplex card to a full duplex 100Mbps card. The router/switch appear to be functioning properly. All of the appropriate lights are on/off and no collisions. So now I have a K7 750 with an ePoX 7KXA Mb , 192 megs of crucial RAM and a GE Force 2 GTS that sucks at online gaming comparted to an old K62 400. What else should I try??? I have heard of these speed boosters that change transmission settings and I wonder if someone has ran something like that on my PC and botched my interface. Figured the reinstall would cure that, but no difference there. Its got me fooled?

Thanks in advance,


1. RE: Sluggish Network Adapter Performance
lbyard Sep-17-01 04:25 PM
In response to message 0
Have you made any changes to the Windows registry? Larry

2. RE: Sluggish Network Adapter Performance
gudlife Sep-18-01 09:04 AM
In response to message 1
I didn't but someone else must've! I downloaded a free utility called Web Optimizer from download.com. It has two options, restore windows default settings or optimize for your various OS/Connection. Restored MS originals and whalla. Back to 230Kbps.

Do you have any opinions about the various speed optimizer products out there?


3. RE: Sluggish Network Adapter Performance
lbyard Sep-18-01 02:58 PM
In response to message 2
I've seen them cause problems like the one you had. Larry

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