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mtj Sep-18-01 00:47 AM
What work better in networking.. WIN98SE/WIN2000/WIN ME/LINUX???

2. RE: Networking
lbyard Sep-18-01 02:57 PM
In response to message 0
I have networked all of them except Linux (I have networked other UNIX-like and UNIX systems). I would say the operating system that you are most familiar with works best, but all of them should work well once they operational. My network presently has Windows 98, Me, NT server, and 2000 Pro running on it and I plan to add Linux. I have very few network-related problems and almost all of those are user-related. Based on prior experience with UNIX, I expect Linux to be the most difficult. Most network problems are hardware and most of those are cable problems. Once the hardware problems are fixed, most problems are printer and user-related. Larry

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