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network printing
blowpipe Sep-25-01 01:14 PM
i have a problem with a network i'm looking after.
the network consisted of 10 machines all using windows se. two of the machines had panasonic kx-p3696 printers attached directly to them and they worked fine. all the computers could share files and could also use the two printers.

two new computer were bought with windows millennium preinstalled as replacments for two of the older machines.one of the new computers has one of the panasonics attached directly to it the other new computer has no printers attached.
i set the new computers up as before and everything was ok they replaced the old computers on the network and all the shares worked.

the problem is that the printer share on the new machines will not work it says the printer is offline and needs user attention even though it is online as all the windows 98 machines can print to it.

i have installed the drivers for the printers again though the latest one i could find on the net was for win95.

is there a compatability problem between Windows Millenium and Windows 98 se

any help would be appreciated


1. RE: network printing
lbyard Sep-25-01 03:54 PM
In response to message 0
Try setting the printer port to Normal or SPP in the CMOS Setup on the Me computer with the printer. Try using the nearest Me printer driver to the kx-p3696, wide carriage I think. I have attempted to find the manual for the printer, but support on Pansonicís web site amounts to not much more than Stone Age drawings on cave walls. Larry

2. RE: network printing
blowpipe Sep-26-01 07:29 PM
In response to message 1
thanks larry
i tried as you said setting the printer port to spp but still no joy.
i then tried disabling the bi-directional printer setting in windows then capturing the lpt port but that didn't work either. finally i put another hard drive in the computer and installed windows se and the printer drivers. i then set the shares up again on the other computers and it worked no problem all the other windows se machines could print

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