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Win 98 Peer to Peer Networking
glampman Jun-30-00 05:40 PM
I have three Pentium 700 Mhz systems all running on a Peer to Peer Win 98 network fine. I have them connected via a hub. I would like to know if there is a way to attach my HP 4000 laser printer to the hub and print to it from my workstations on this PPWin98 network. I've researched and havne't found a thing. I know you can do this in NT, etc. It would be really nice to eliminate the parallel cable connection and move my printer to another location. THe HP laser has a JEt Direct NIC in it, which will obviouisly workon a Novell or NT domain. Not sure here. Can one run the Jet Direct Software and configur the printer on a P P network or not? Lost and unsure, any help would be desirable.
greg lampman

1. RE: Win 98 Peer to Peer Networking
lbyard Jun-30-00 07:06 PM
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Greg, I presume you are referring to a J3111A JetDirect. It is a server. It supports the IPX/SPX and TCP/IP protocols. Windows 98 can do both. You should be able to print from any computer on the network. Go to http://www.hp.com/cposupport/networking/software/ja255en.exe.html to get the HP Win 98 Network Printer Wizard. Larry

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