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Which Win 98 SE has icsapi32.dll ?
hydrojackson Oct-06-01 08:19 PM
LAST EDITED ON Oct-06-01 AT 08:20 PM (GMT)

I have the following two cds, both have Win98 SE upgrade but none has this icsapi32.dll so I cannot install ICS ... I need to know "what is the exact wording on the CD" which has this icsapi32.dll ...

First CD : (as printed on the CD)
Microsoft Windows98 Second Edition Updates - including system updates, Internet Connection Sharing, and more -
Second CD :The box information indicated it is a Windows 98 Second Edition "updated and Improved" upgrade. It is a blue box. It says on the box : "Microsoft Windows 98 Upgrade for users of Windows 3.1x and Windows 95".

At the CD drive prompt, I type this:

dir icsapi32.dll /s /v

the result is: file not find.

1. RE: Which Win 98 SE has icsapi32.dll ?
lbyard Oct-09-01 04:58 PM
In response to message 0
The first one appears to be the $9.95 (or whatever) update without ICS. The second might be the Windows 98 Upgrade, not the Windows 98 Second Edition upgrade. The Win 98 SE box clearly says Second Edition on a red background in the upper right-hand corner (see http://www.hitmall.com/home/hitmark/software/os/graphic/win98se_j.jpg, Iím not sure if that is the full or upgrade version). I donít know where on the CD ICS is located, but it could be in a .cab file, which is a compressed collection of files. Larry

2. RE: Which Win 98 SE has icsapi32.dll ?
hydrojackson Oct-09-01 05:57 PM
In response to message 1
LAST EDITED ON Oct-09-01 AT 06:04 PM (GMT)

LAST EDITED ON Oct-09-01 AT 06:02†PM (GMT)

ahh, that makes lots of sense, thx !

Now since I need to get some kind of 'upgrade' to install ICS ... why not just get a ME or W2k pro upgrade) ... ME should support ics also ... right ?

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