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SMC Barricade SMC7004ABR and mirc dcc send
Grangin Oct-06-01 11:25 PM
Hi There everyone
I've seen various posts by Larry in regards to the Special Application page on the SMC Barricade, using 59 as a trigger, and specifying 1024-5000 as public ports, and selecting enabled. I have done this, and I've even tried to put in the IP Address of Virtual DMZ Host as a last resort...All to no result. I cannot send in mIRC, and nothing I do will make it work. I also cannot list directories or transfer files in FTP. Can someone please please help me with this! It is very annoying. I appreciate any help. Thank you

1. RE: SMC Barricade SMC7004ABR and mirc dcc send
lbyard Oct-09-01 05:01 PM
In response to message 0
Do you have firewall installed on the PC? I am able to FTP and see directory listings with no changes to default settings on the Barricade. Larry

2. RE: SMC Barricade SMC7004ABR and mirc dcc send
Grangin Oct-10-01 05:23 AM
In response to message 1
Actually that was just one ftp that was happening with, other ftps work great. I found a temporary solution to the problem in IRC with DCC Send, I just set ports to public in the virtual server mode, and limited IRC to send on 11 ports. I think that the Port 59 as a trigger under special applications you were talking about earlier has something to do with the DCC Server in IRC, because that is typically set at port 59, but unfortunately port 59 does not act as a Trigger on my system (I'm using windows 2000, maybe it works differently with ports? o_O)

3. RE: SMC Barricade SMC7004ABR and mirc dcc send
lbyard Oct-10-01 04:21 PM
In response to message 2
Those port numbers may vary depending on the server you to which you are connecting. Larry

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