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2 operating systems on host pc
tedg Oct-07-01 00:34 AM
I got 2 o/p systems on same pc (win2k and win2k server) on seperate paritions. My cable internet is hooked to win2k o/s - while win2k server is on a different partition. Question - do i need 2 ip addresses sine 2 differnt o/p sit on same physical PC. I want to uninstall win2k and make win2k server as my host. Tell me with 2 o/p systems can one work as a client and the other as a client? is that possible??

thanks !

1. RE: 2 operating systems on host pc
lbyard Oct-09-01 05:29 PM
In response to message 0
The two operating systems cannot run simultaneously. Therefore it makes no difference to one operating system how the other one is configured. You can use the same IP address for both operating systems. You cannot operate one as a server and the other as a client at the same time, but you can operate either one or the other at any given time. However, the server is actually a server and a client (workstation) when you login as a user on a server you are initiating the workstation client. You may need another IP if you plan to operate the server as a registered domain (e.g., web server) on the Internet and it will have to be static IP. Larry

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