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Win98 Networking
steviemcg Jul-03-00 01:14 PM
I've had the same problem as a lot of people, getting 3 computers on a network to recognise each other. They are connected together using a hub. One is Windows 2000, the other two are Win98.

I tried installing NetBEUI, IPX and TCP/IP, something I've done successfully a thousand times before ,-)

I managed to get one of the computers to recognise another *just once* but when I rebooted, it didn't work any more.

2 professionals tried to do this before me, and had no luck.

Eventually I got so annoyed that I installed Windows 2000 on one of the machines and BOOM, the two Win2k machines recognise each other, no effort at all.

I'm going back there tomorrow, I'd prefer to just change some settings and get Win98 working, but I'll probably end up installing Win2k on the other machine too.

Is there some major bug in Win 95/98?

One more thing I'm not too sure about... do I need to play about with Wins & Gateway settings? the one time i got the win98 computer to work, i filled in the IP address of the win2k computer in both the wins and the gateway, and it worked for a little while.

Thanks for your help,


1. RE: Win98 Networking
lbyard Jul-04-00 01:39 PM
In response to message 0
I would uninstall all network components on the Win 98 and start with NetBEUI to get the network going. I have seen cases where this was necessary after repeatedly trying to install and uninstall stuff. I would also check for flaky cables and hub ports. I would like to report that Win 98/98SE network installations are generally easy and straightforward when the hardware is working correctly. Most of the problems I have encountered are hardware problems or incorrect configurations; and not the Windows networking software. Larry

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