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ip address on my host and lan
tedg Oct-09-01 07:16 AM
i have 2 NIC cards on my host PC - one for connection to my internet modom supplier, and obe for my LAN. If i want to have ICS install - i do only have to modify my IP address of my NIC card that connects my LAN right? The IP address of my NIC card remains the same - given to me by my internet supplier(static address). I have to modify the IP address of my NIC card of my LAN and also the IP address of my other NIC card on my client computer?


1. RE: ip address on my host and lan
lbyard Oct-09-01 06:00 PM
In response to message 0
The IP for the network adapter going to the MODEM stays under the control of the MODEM. The IP address of the other card is changed by ICS when ICS is installed. ICS assigns it a static IP address: The ICS DHCP server on the ICS host sets the IP addresses on the ICS clients automatically. Static IPs can be assigned to the client computers, but the DHCP server has to be disabled or the scope of its IP address pool has to changed so as not to interfere with the static IPs used by the clients. I have more info on doing it, if desired, but I would first get the thing working with dynamic IPs. Larry

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