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ip address conflict
tedg Oct-10-01 03:12 PM
Tell me why is the ip address is when
run "ipconfig" thru "dos prompt" and then when i go on "network and dial connections" and right click on my lan connection - tcp/ip properties - it tells me obtain ip address automically. Is the ip address when i run ipconfig the adress given by automically by "DHCP server"? It follows that the ip address changes day by day if it is set automically by "DHCP" sever?

1. RE: ip address conflict
stu Oct-10-01 03:33 PM
In response to message 0
Yes your exactly right. The DHCP server assigns your pc a unique (hopefully) address. What you can see is the address that your pc has got a that current time. The time you hold this "Lease" depends wholey on how it is configured on the DHCP server and is not a setting you can alter on your pc. Often you may find you have the same ip address several days running.

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