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ics not working
tedg Oct-12-01 03:04 AM
i have 2 pc on my lan , 3 nic cards and win2k operating systems on both my host and client.I set my NIC card that hocks up with my cable supplier(internet) to the following:
1) tcp/ip - ip address automically and
"wins" to the static ip address
supplied by my cable supplier
( also set ICS to
2) my other NIC card that sits on my
host goes to hub as follows:
tcp/ip - ip address to automatic -
blank all other entries
3) my client pc has tcp/ip as
tcp/ip - ip address automatic and
all others set to blank
i cannot connect to internet on my client
pc - message i get "cannot find server"


1. RE: ics not working
lbyard Oct-12-01 08:53 PM
In response to message 0
The NIC on the ICS Host should have had a static IP of assigned when ICS was enabled on the shared adapter connected to the Internet. The client should have a dynamic IP, as it does. See Start, Help, Index, Keywords: Interconnection sharing for more info. Larry

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