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home LAN between XP & 98
spiller Oct-14-01 11:07 PM
hey there
i badly need some help.i got 2 pcs at home,i have the 2 lan cards,and the crossed over cable.but i need to know all the settings i have to set in both computers to connect them to each other.I want to connect to the internet via win98 and be able to use the net on XP , and same for games i wanna play LAN games on both pcs.thankx for answering my questions i really need all the help u guys can give me.

1. RE: home LAN between XP & 98
vplilly Oct-15-01 05:59 AM
In response to message 0
If you are using a standard dialup internet connection, without DSL or cable, I would start by assigning IP addresses to each computer. You will want to go to your Network settings and assign an IP and Subnet to one computer. These settings would be added to your TCP\IP settings on your Network Card, do not change the dial up adapter settings. Example : One computer could have an IP Address of with a Subnet value of

The other computer will have the same Subnet Value, but assign a new IP address, Example:

I would also go into the computer identification of each computer and assign a workgroup name which would be the same on both PC's. Example: "HomeNetwork" or whatever you want to call your group.

After you have both computers seeing each other in Network Neighborhood (Entire Network) and inside your Group, you are ready to begin the internet connection settings.

Up to this point, This setup would be for a dial-up connection,if you have a router then the above would not apply to you at all.

I use a router with cable Internet, so I would need a little more detail on how you are connecting to help you.

I have not used this, but I believe Internet Connection Sharing would be the best method for a dialup connection\sharing, but someone else may give you more insight.

If you have DSL or Cable then there would be an entirely different configuration to achieve what you want. If this is not the configuration you have, then myself, or someone else could easily help you out. I would send a clarification on your internet connection.

2. RE: home LAN between XP & 98
spiller Oct-15-01 08:48 AM
In response to message 1
thanx for ur reply,but i still have a prob.first of all i am using a dial up connection so the method to talked about is the one i tried.but u see the prob's that in 98 i DO have something called TCP/IP Realtek.....i mean i have a tcp/ip for my network card which alows me to setup a specific ip adress ( the subnet mask ( in xp the only thing i have about TCP/IP is called :. I tried to add the TCP/IP protocol for my network card but it doesn't work the same way as 98,i just couldnt find it, and that's where i got stuck.because the whole process is correct,i did it all except for that TCP/IP thing.thanx

3. RE: home LAN between XP & 98
lbyard Oct-15-01 04:56 PM
In response to message 2
I would start by configuring the client for a dynamic IP. A static IP can conflict with the DHCP server on the ICS host. ICS should have assigned a static IP of to the host when ICS was installed and that is correct. You may have to Start, Run, winipcfg, select the appropriate adapter, and release and renew the IP address lease after changing it on the client. UPS just came in the door with two copies of the released version of Windows XP. I plan to build two XP computers this week and network them. I donít know how much time Iíll have for writing-up things. Larry

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