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What router can you recommend?
olindherr Oct-18-01 02:15 AM
I'm getting ready to network my two computers at home. What wireless router can you recommend? My comp A is 300mhz AMD 10 gig hard drive, no ethernet card yet but I'm getting one soon and its OS is Windows 98 and my comp B is a 1 gig amd Athlon, 40 gig hard drive with ethernet card and OS Windows Me. I'm going to get AT&T cable.

1. RE: What router can you recommend?
lbyard Oct-18-01 02:40 PM
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I don't recommend wireless if running a cable is at all practical and will leave comments on wireless routers to other readers. Be sure to get a MODEM with an Ethernet interface. Larry

2. RE: What router can you recommend?
olindherr Oct-18-01 03:02 PM
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Thanks a lot. The whole site is very helpful. From Forums to How to's to Newsletters, etc. and I'll continue recommending this to my friends.

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