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Here's the answer: Differences between 7004-ABR and 7004-BR
Computman Oct-24-01 05:45 PM
What are the differences between the 7004-ABR and the 7004-BR?
1. The ABR supports auto-failover from cable/DSL to dial-up/ISDN. If the service from your broadband ISP was temporarily disabled, the router would automatically sense the need to switch over to the backup dial-up or ISDN modem.

2. Regarding VPN protocol support, the ABR model is compatible with PPTP (point-to-point tunneling protocol), IP-Sec (IP-security), and L2TP (layer-2 tunneling protocol).

3. The ABR model has integrated time in Client Filtering feature. You can now filter outgoing ports on the LAN for a specific period of time (in hours).

4. There is no need to soft-reboot the ABR after making changes in the SETUP menus. The changes are saved in real-time.

5. The Virtual Server and Special Applications menus have the option of routing ports according to port type (TCP or UDP).

6. The IP address of the ABR is whereas the IP of the BR is

7. The ABR has a 32 bit ARM processor as opposed the 16 bit x86 processor in the BR.

This info can be found on SMC's Q&A pages. And lots of other topics there. Enjoy !!

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