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cabling home network with wall jacks
bigrose Nov-01-01 06:01 AM
I want wall rj45 jacks in all the rooms in my house. At work, all cables come to the server room and have male rj45 jacks that plug directly in to hubs. I want it to come into the room with the hub but have a nice face plate on the wall and run short cat5 patch cables to the hub. diagramed as

computer>cat5 patch cable >wallplate/w jack>utp cat5 downstairs to basement>wallplatew/8 jacks>cat5(colored)patch cable to hub.

I figure as long as I dont cross the connection I should be fine, but was unsure.Can you help?

1. RE: cabling home network with wall jacks
nbc Nov-01-01 03:41 PM
In response to message 0
that should work fine. the principle is the same as terminating the cables in a patch panel. just make sure that you use the same cabling convention for all cables!

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