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using Sygate, client won't connect to net
cruzin4bruzin Jul-07-00 10:22 PM
I'm using Sygate to try and connect a client to a server that has Cox@home cable modem service.
I have had no trouble getting the client and the server to talk to each other and share files but I can not access The Cox@home service from my client machine, what I am I doing wrong.
Here's how I've set everything up, server NIC going to the client is set up with a address the client Both network config's are set up as follows.... client has Client for MS networks, Dial up adapter, Intel(R) PRO/100+PCI Adapter, File sharing for MS networks, And my installed protocols are NetBEUI & TCP/IP
The server has the same protocols set up on it as the client,the only difference between the two is the server also has a D-Link DFE-530TX PCI card for the Cox@home service,and a NETGEAR FA310TX PCI card, for the link to the client. No Dial up adapter on the server, oh and the D-link card for the net service is set to obtain an IP address automatically anyone's help would be greatly apreceiated curzin4bruzin

1. RE: using Sygate, client won't connect to net
lbyard Jul-08-00 04:01 PM
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You did install SyGate on the client, right? What does running SyGate Diagnostics on the client tell you? That program should find the server.
Can you ping the SyGate host from the client? Open a DOS window and type
If you can't ping the host, the networking you see in the network neighborhood is being done with the NetBEUI protocol, not TCP/IP.
The net mask is set to on both computers.
If you are using a static IP for the client, SyGate's DHCP server has to be disabled.
You should be using a static IP for the host LAN card. I like to use static IPs for clients on small networks as well. If you use static IPs take a look at C:\>\windows\HOSTS.SAM. I might have forgotten something, but most everything related to SyGate is in this Forum somewhere. Note the search function at the top of this page. Also, note that the Networking and Internet Sharing Forum has more than one page. Larry

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