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Windows XP
epster2 Nov-11-01 06:00 PM
I just upgraded both my laptop and my desktop to windows XP! Before I did this they were both running windows ME and were networked.
after I installed XP they cannot communicate with each other. When I bring up MY NETWORK the SHARED drives are their but the paths are invalid. I beleive their is absolutley no communication between the both of them. I have tried networking wizrd and have failed. How can I do it manually?


1. RE: Windows XP
lbyard Nov-11-01 08:21 PM
In response to message 0
Start, Control Panel, Network Connections, Right-Click an existing connection, Properties, General... also, ring click your drives, sharing, and assign them share names without $ in them. You may have install the NetBEUI protocol (http://duxcw.com/faq/network/xpnetbeui.htm). You may have to go into the Device Manager, remove the network adapter, and have XP reinstall it be restarting. Larry

2. RE: Windows XP
epster2 Nov-12-01 05:36 AM
In response to message 1
Well I managed to fix the problem. and actually have found out a number of different things that I need to check.

First of al apparently windows XP did not carry over the network driver when it installed. So I just re-installed the driver. Also anyone else installing XP be very aware of wht you have it may not carry over many drivers. I also had to update my bios for my thinkpad because it was not compatible with XP. I had many erros with the display and with networking untill I updated it's bios.

Other than spending all day trying to figure out all the little nick nacks that needed to be re-istalled or updated on both machines, Im pretty happy.


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