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ping not working?
tedg Nov-12-01 06:02 AM
i have 2 pc - on a lan at home - cables to connect , both are win2k. Why can i not ping to each other. i have tcp/ip installed on each. I have internet cable going to my host pc, 3 nic cards also. 2 on my host and i on my client, i cannot ping ech pc why?? my cable internet goes to my host from my host to the hub from my hub to my client pc. ping not working??
my ip setting s are as follows:
host pc: ip address -
subnet -

lan on host: ip address -
subnet -

client pc : ip addres
subnet -

1. RE: ping not working?
JKennedy55 Nov-12-01 04:35 PM
In response to message 0
LAST EDITED ON Nov-12-01 AT 04:44 PM (GMT)

LAST EDITED ON Nov-12-01 AT 04:43†PM (GMT)

This is not my site but I think it would be in your best intrest to keep this subject in 1 thread and continue to post in there instead of starting multiple threads. You would get more focus on your problem that way I would think.

I believe your problems are with your TCP/IP settings. In order for the pc's to see and ping each other they need to be on the same network, which it doesnt look like they are. Are you using ICS? Try setting your IP configuration like this:
host pc internet IP address: it the way it is)
LAN on host IP address:
subnet on LAN host:

Client pc IP address:
subnet on Client pc:

This will allow your host and client pc to see/ping each other on the LAN.

2. RE: ping not working?
tedg Nov-17-01 08:12 PM
In response to message 1
still not working - host unknown - is what i keep getting back. I tried what you said over and over.

3. RE: ping not working?
lbyard Nov-18-01 05:38 PM
In response to message 2
Please keep your questions on one thread,OK. It makes more work for people trying to help you when you start multiple threads. This is from you last post:

THEY TOLD ME TO LEAVE MY TCP/IP PROPERTIES TO BLANK(GET AUTOMATICALLY). I HAVE AN ADDITIONAL CARD ON MY HOST - AND I AM USING IT TO CREATE A LAN AT HOME. I have a hub that connects my Host PC AND MY CLIENT PC. What should i set my tcp/ip properties so i can ping each pc on my lan? I have win2k running on both pc."


4. RE: ping not working?
lbyard Nov-18-01 05:44 PM
In response to message 3
The TCP/IP on your network adapter going to the MODEM should be set on Automatic.

ICS should have set the IP address of the TCP on the ICS host bound to the LAN network adapter to

The TCP/IP on the client should be set to automatic. It will get it's IP address form the DHCP server that is part of ICS on the host.

Open a command window and run ipconfig to release and renew the IP addresses of the instances of TCP/IP that get their IP addresses automatically. You should see them change. To learn more about ipconfig use:

C:\>ipconfig /?

First, however, I would get the local network working and ther MODWEM working on the host before attempting ICS. Larry

5. RE: ping not working?
tedg Dec-03-01 04:25 AM
In response to message 4
i do not understand why i cannot "ping" or see the other pc on my workgroup? i have a lan at home - 2 pc- 2 nic cards
and rogers cable . i cannot even set up a network, i have win2k installed on my machines. I have ICS installed - but i cannot see both pc on my woekgroup? i have a hub , with rj45 cables.
Rogers says set my internet modem(tcp/ip) to ip address automatic - my lan nic card card i set to
with subnet - My client nic card i se to and gateway default to
do i need to configure a DCHP SERVER ? OR IS IT ROGERS SERVER THAT assigns the ip address on my lan?
ICS does not see to work.
my cable from rogers goes to the modem - then
from the modem to my hub - then back to my nic card (lan)
i have a cable from my client pc to the hub.
does not win2k set up the network configuration on my lan -even before i set up ICS?

6. RE: ping not working?
lbyard Dec-03-01 05:43 PM
In response to message 5
I see one reason why it wonít work and provided it in my last post:

"The TCP/IP on the client should be set to automatic. It will get it's IP address from the DHCP server that is part of ICS on the host."

When you installed ICS it told you to do that or there would be problems. You didnít and you have problems.

Another reasons may be that the network hardware/cables is/are not working. I wouldn't even attempt to put a second NIC in the ICS host and share the Internet connection until the network between the two computers is functioning. When doing that you do need a static IP on the client (use When you install ICS it should be changed to automatic and ipconfig should be run form the DOS prompt to release and renew the IP address from the ICS host. The ipconfig command syntax is obtainable with ipconfig /?. Larry

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