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asp subweb in windows 2k pro
dhsvcs Nov-16-01 09:13 PM
I am trying to set up my first webstore. I am using w2k pro and its iis server, clean install, ntfs.. I built a web with frontpage 2002, and entered a subweb (asp program I purchased) . I set up permissions ( all allowed to write & execute ) to test and build my setup. When I access my first web, I have no problem. However, when I access my subweb, it shows under construction. ( means permission errors, according to manufacturer of asp program )

I took a 2nd hardrive, clean install, fat 32, and the same setup does work, except I can't use 2002 extensions (requires ntfs on iis server)..Is there a way or a ntfs permissions that I am missing ? have spent days beating my head against the wall....HELP

1. RE: asp subweb in windows 2k pro
lbyard Nov-17-01 06:16 AM
In response to message 0
To avoid publishing to your subweb and thus stop the FrontPage extensions from automatically changing permissions, which it will do (or at least it does on the UNIX host I am using), make a subweb on your local copy with the same name as the remote subweb and do not publish subwebs when publishing your main web. Then go into the remote subweb, remove any FrontPage junk (_vti directories, etc.), reset permissions, and use a third-party FTP program (e.g., http://www.smartftp.com/) to publish the subweb. Or, in your case, I believe, use the Windows Explorer instead of FrontPage to move the stuff in the subweb, if you are working on the web directly or over a LAN. That is how I handle this forum and the site search engine, which are large scripts, and which FrontPage will cripple with the wrong permissions (changes files/directories that need to be read-write to read-only, as I recall) if permitted. Larry

2. RE: asp subweb in windows 2k pro
dhsvcs Nov-19-01 11:37 AM
In response to message 1
You were right...that was the problem..Hopefully I can set up my store without extensions being added or permissions changed....thank you, dhsvcs

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