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Network and Printers
cpease7121 Jul-09-00 01:50 PM
Peer to Peer working fine with one glitch.
Comp #1 is attached to a HP printer
Comp #2 is attached to a Lexmark Printer.

Again.....Everything else working as it should.
No HUB. TWo NIC's connected with Crossover cable.

Comp #2 will let you select and print from either printer.
Comp #1 will only let you use the HP, and when you select the Lexmark you get "Unable to open file" error.

Sharing enabled, both printers on, both with paper, Both on LPT1, cables connected and tight, both configured on both machines.

So what am I missing?

1. RE: Network and Printers
lbyard Jul-10-00 02:11 PM
In response to message 0
Try this: http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q243/0/75.ASP?LN=EN-US&SD=gn&FR=0 Larry

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