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10base2 to 10baseT
pc Nov-20-01 08:11 AM
I use a 10base2 LAN in the house. Recently I bought a laptop with a built-in ethernet using the RJ45 plug. Anyway of adapting the coaxial for the RJ45 ?

Not sure a combo Network card (i.e. with both RJ45 and BNC sockets) can serve as a converter.

1. RE: 10base2 to 10baseT
lbyard Nov-20-01 04:33 PM
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It's time to upgrade that network. See http://duxcw.com/faq/network/thinwire.htm. Use the COAX to pull some new CAT 5e and purchase a switch or router/switch. A combo PCMCIA card should work (if you can find one). Larry

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