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Problem with Cable modem and Barricade Router
Aehs Nov-22-01 03:54 PM
Recently my cable has been going down alot and should be getting fixed tommorow, when I first had dissconnect problems I thought my router had something to do with it so I directly hooked the modem up to one computer and released and renewed the ip through winipcfg. When attempting to setup the router/cable the same way as before I can't reset the ip's under winipcfg. I've got 2 computers plugged up to the router and the cable but when releaseing the ip in winipcfg nothing happens, if I renew it the computer sits there for a while eventually saying "DHCP server unavailable" In the router manual i'm supposed to disable DHCP under the wins tab in tcp/ip settings. If I disable it I still get this problem on both computers. I'm also getting a default "LOCALLINK IP" (starts with 169.254.xxx.xxx) when I get the DHCP error according to windows help.
I had this problem with 1 computer before but not both and I can't remember how I fixed it. The normal network also works, file shareing, printers ect. Any idea how to fix this Larry?

1. Barricade problem
tpeter Nov-22-01 05:18 PM
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as i understood, you're haveing a problem your local LAN DHCP and not with WAN.
As everyone knows that any home router such as Lynsys and Barricade, they both have a class B IP
address to use for the LAN either static or dynamic.
of course, you always have the DHCP enabled if you want your home computers obtain IP dynamically. The worst is to reset the router to default settings, it should minimize your problem as well.

Reset and reboot the Router is always a good solution.

I have Rogers Cable Internet connection, for both Lynsys and Barricade, All I have to do is to put the user ID starting cr.... in the host name field and clone the MAC address. for anything else, if you don't want any problem, just leave it as default.
do you know how to clone MAC address?

all of the computer that connect to the router, the network configuration such as ip, dns... should be set as dynamic.

try different NICs.
Class B addresses asigned by Router stats from 192.168.xxx.xxx

2. RE: Barricade problem
Aehs Nov-23-01 02:16 AM
In response to message 1
"do you know how to clone MAC address?"
Yeah. Can't Acess the Barricade's page through my browser since I can't reset the ip.

I originally had it all working fine as you said with an ip of 192.168.xxx.xxx on both computers but i'm haveing this error now.

3. RE: Barricade problem
lbyard Nov-23-01 08:10 PM
In response to message 2
You may have to set up a null MODEM and access the router through its serial interface. Instructions are in the user manual. I've done it more than once. I would first set a computer TCP/IP properties to a static IP on the same subnet as the routerís default IP, say, and try to access http:// with a browser. I have found that dynamic IPs work very well with most routers with a DHCP server once setup that way--minimum hassle and admin maintenance. Larry

4. RE: Barricade problem
Aehs Nov-24-01 02:58 AM
In response to message 3
I had disabled my DHCP server through the barricade when I had it working so I manually set up the ip and gateway and accessed the barricade's page and enabled it and fixed my problem.

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